Almost two years after the disastrous Grenfell Tower fire another fire has struck the hearts of many around the globe, that of Notre Dame. With thousands coming out with their condolences for the church we must do more to protect against fire incidents.

Dawes and Green have decided to offer fire safety inspection services to those who need it most: schools, public buildings, hospitals and hotels just to name a few. The recent tragedies seen in communities all over prompted us to undertake training for assessing, installing and maintaining fire doors.

fire door safety sign

Why check fire doors?

Fire regulations exist but there is no specific law to dictate or outline specific fire door specifications, which is where we come in. Simply installing any fire door doesnโ€™t give you maximum protection, the same regulations can be assigned for a storage room that hardly ever gets used as well as an office filled with 10 people. Whilst these regulations meet the standards set there are options that will be more effective in saving lives in the event of a fire. For a small fee Dawes and Green can perform all the necessary checks.

How often should fire doors be checked?

Again, there are no guidelines on how often fire doors should be checked but as a general rule of thumb, a fire door with regular traffic should be checked every 2 years. If there are high levels of traffic potentially a little more often and vice versa if there are low levels of traffic.

What does our check include?

  • assessment of door sets: have they been well maintained?
  • checks for certification: has your door been fire door certified? Is there proof the door has been constructed as a fire door?
  • assessment of intumescent seals
  • checks for any gaps between leaf and frame
  • latch speed: does the door close properly?
  • hinge positioning: are there the required 3 hinges for a fire door?
  • accreditation: check all hardware in the door is certifier accredited

close up of fire extinguisher

What can we do for you?

After undergoing the necessary checks we will write a report and supply a statement detailing your existing fire door arrangements; this report can be taken away with you and used to show fire regulation inspectors in order to demonstrate that you have met the required standards.

Following our report we will make recommendations based on a variety of factors aside from the conditions of the doors themselves; including, which floors the doors are on, the roomโ€™s use, the amount of people in the room and the risk of fire in the room.

It is wholeheartedly your choice whether to follow our recommendations or not as there is no obligation to hire us to complete the work. However, if you do decide to work with us we will deduct the initial survey fee from the cost of any work that needs doing.

Donโ€™t allow safety checks to slip by. In the light of recent events fire safety is as important now as it ever was. Accidents can happen and itโ€™s our job to prevent them from doing so. Get in contact today to see how we can help you:

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