Old doors re-open in style; local landmark building retains it’s facade but the modern way

On 2 February Dawes and Green were delighted to share the news to be involved with renovating an historical local building and transform a highly recognised landmark, Ravens of Southend. Ravens has now opened its [...]

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Why we cannot ignore the environment in the property world

The reason it's so easy to ignore big environmental issues is because of just that, they're big. The world is so big that sometimes it seems difficult to comprehend the fact that resources are limited. [...]

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Lost time is never found again; Why automated homes are the way forward

Twenty years ago, the thought of controlling devices in your home from thousands of miles away seemed like a futuristic dream. Ten years ago, we began to see that this was a possibility. Given the [...]

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Everything old is new again

With this constant change and adaptation our local area is home to many amazing buildings both residential and commercial with ornate architecture, many of which originate from the Victorian era. Our streets are lined with [...]

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Old Doors Close So New Ones Can Open

Dawes and Green Awarded Contract to help Transform Historical Local Facade Dawes and Green are delighted to have been awarded the contract to install a new shop front and lobby to the redevelopment and well [...]

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Choosing between uPVC and Composite Doors: What do you need to know?

Choosing a door for your home can be an unexpectedly difficult decision. The door is the gateway to your home so it needs to give off the right first impression, which is where we can help.  Over [...]

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