Simplicity is the key note of all true elegance

The Rise of 'Grey' Henry Ford, the American business giant and founder of Ford Motor Company, was once quoted saying that his customers could have any colour car they wanted ‘so long as it’s black’. A product [...]

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So much of our future lies in preserving our past

Keep your Home, keep our Heritage Whether you are a landlord or homeowner, you have a duty to maintain and look after your property. Forget about the legal requirements that explicitly say you have a [...]

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An Old Friend is a New House

Southend-on-Sea and its surrounding area is diverse and, being part a seaside town, "has a fascinating history shaped by a number of practical, social and commercial factors. It has experienced periods of both organic growth [...]

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It’s not High Maintenance, it’s High Standards.

Hotel Maintenance for External and Internal Windows, Doors, etc: Benefits of Contracting and Maintenance You may think what is the point in outsourcing work that needs doing to your hotel when you can just do [...]

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Your Home is your canvas, create your reality

If a door can speak a thousand words, at Dawes & Green, we believe the finishing touches should speak a thousand more. We value the importance of choosing the right product for style and 21st century [...]

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Connecting Your Home with Your Lifestyle – One ‘Key’ Fits All

MobileKey: Don't be the same. Be better and make a 'Smart' decision; simply electronic, pretty darn smart and amazingly simple to use. Dawes and Green are always in the market looking for simple, sophisticated and innovative [...]

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